Web Hosting

Fast, Dependable, Affordable Web Hosting Services

In order to efficiently host your website, Talbot Services has invested in dedicated web hosting servers with 99.9% up time and expanded bandwidth. At the end of the day, dependable web hosting that displays your website as quickly as possible is what it is all about. Send us an email for more web hosting details.

Our affordable web hosting is done on servers we own that  are in a true data center whose infrastructure is built with enterprise-class hardware. We include full nightly-backups, and off-site email and DNS redundancy in our hosting plans. Hosting is on Tier-1 Dell or HP servers, not on desktop, gaming-class or what our competitors call ‘commercial’ hardware built from spare parts. We monitor server load closely to ensure your store’s performance is optimal.

  • Secure-access data center with 24×7 on-site personnel.
  • Guaranteed temperature and humidity.
  • Redundant UPS and generator power backup with optional redundant power circuits fed through separate transfer switches.
  • Three direct internet connections to providers that include Level 3 and Global Crossing, the two largest global backbone providers available; we do not use tier-2 connectivity. All providers have a presence in our data center and have their own redundant fiber routes in to and out of the building.
  • Enterprise switches, routers and hardware load balancers exclusively from Foundry Networks and all with redundant power even down to the server racks.
  • A shared SSL is included with every hosted ecommerce website.
  • Server: Web Server Apache
  • Server: Mail Server qmail
  • Server: RAID Yes, RAID-1 (Two Hard Drives)
  • DNS: Sub-Domains
  • DNS: Custom MX Record If Needed
  • Email: Accounts/Forwards
  • Email: SMTP/POP/Webmail
  • Email: Web Management
  • Access: FTP
  • Web Stats: Access Reports
  • CGI-BIN directory
  • PHP4/Perl/Multimedia
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • Password Protection (.htaccess)
  • MySQL Database
  • SSL Certificate Talbot Services Shared Certificate, Or We’ll Install Your Own
  • Spam Email Filtering Unfiltered, Tagging or Blocking
  • By Blacklist/SpamAssassin Is Included
  • Custom MIME Types
  • Custom Error Pages