Harness the Power of Social Media Marketing

How can our social media marketing agency help you? By reaching, engaging and connecting with your customers through your social media accounts. We help you build meaningful relationships across all social media platforms, turning likes and shares into sales.


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Growing Brand Awareness

As followers, likes and shares grow, so will word of mouth and website traffic. We match your followers with demographics, behaviors and interests, reaching larger audiences similar to your typical customer.

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Social Media Brand Awareness
Social Media Brand Awareness

Building Relationships

It is about engagement. Connected and engaged audiences are more likely to do business with you. We help increase likes, comments and shares, growing your reach with potential customers.

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Offering Promotions

Turn followers into customers with specialized promotions. Run social sweepstakes, building large audiences. Give Facebook users offers they can get for special coupons and sales.

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TSC’s Social Media Marketing Process

1. Free Consultation
Social Media Marketing is not a “one size fits all” technique. The process begins with a one of our social media experts working with you to develop the plan that best fits your overall marketing plan.

2. The Proposal
You get an easy to read detailed proposal that is tailored to your goals. Each step is outlined with a timeline for achieving your goals. There are no surprises along the path to success.
3. The Strategy
Plans are developed to so as to avoid expensive social media mistakes. We develop monthly strategies aligned with your audiences’ upcoming goals and your seasonal business fluctuations.
4. The Content
Carefully crafted content speaks to each specific social media personality, boosting engagement with your brand. Meaningful messages target your business audience.
5. Media Buying
Paid social media advertising often gives you the best bang for your buck. Reach thousands of people in your target audience with timely and targeted ads.[/su_column] [/su_row]

Social Media Account Creation
Facebook Account Maintenance
2 Facebook Post/wk
Google My Business Listing
4 post/mth to Google My Business Listing

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Bronze Program Package
YouTube Channel
2 Video’s/mth
1 Facebook Ad/wk (FB Charges not included)
Monthly reporting

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