Pay-Per-Click / PPC Services

Let Our Paid Search Experts Give Your Website a Lead Generation Boost

Drive target leads to your website. Set your budget. Find your niche. With over a decade of PPC experience, we’ve been helping business grow through our PPC services. You get a dedicated PPC expert working on your account, optimizing it so that it meets the highest goals. Our extensive experience in many different industries helps us optimize pay-per-clicks and increase ROI. Contact our PPC experts to see how your business can grow quality leads.

How Does It Work?

  • A budget cap is set so there are expenses do not become run away trains.
  • Your dedicated PPC expert does in depth research finds niche terms that will give your business the best PPC lead opportunities.
  • You approve the PPC keyword list.
  • PPC Ads are written.
  • You approve the PPC ads.
  • PPC campaigns are launched in Google Adwords and BING Adsence.
  • PPC management starts immediately will hands on monitoring.
  • Monthly reports are generated so you always know what is happening.

Conversion Driven PPC Management

As time goes on we manage your pay-per-click accounts, blocking out irrelevant searches and growing relevant keywords that are more likely to drive quality leads. Bids are adjust and positions monitored to get the most out of your monthly budget. Contact our PPC experts to see how your business can grow quality leads.

Tracking Your Success

Tracking codes are added to forms so you know which pay-per-click keywords ands ads generated the best results. PPC optimization is done on landing pages, driving visitors toward conversions. Contact our PPC experts to see how your business can grow quality leads.

More PPC Advertisement Management Services

  • Defining Campaign Strategies
    From the being set up to ongoing maintenance, we are constantly reviewing PPC campaign strategies and adjusting so they stay on track.
  • Performing Keyword Research
    It all starts with a good list. We take keyword research a step beyond creating a list of keywords. We go out on the internet and review results, ensuring the keywords are on target. 
  • Crafting Creative PPC Ad Development
    Customized, dynamic ads are developed with your target audience and goals in mind. A/B testing is set up to test landing pages and ad copy to find the ads that generated the best results. 
  • Optimizing Land PagesPrior to campaigns going live, keywords are checked against landing pages. Landing page optimization recommendations are made to help increase quality scores, reduce bids and drive qualified leads.


  • Advertising SubmissionsWe load the campaigns up to Google Adwords and BING Adsence, ensure that campaigns are approved and go live immediately.


  • PPC MonitoringNumerous account settings are monitored to ensure that budgets are maintained and bids are set to meet goals.


  • Weekly PPC AnalysisEach week settings such as bids, ads, and placement are checked and adjusted to maximize for the best out come.


  • Monthly PPC AnalysisMonthly results are reviewed, adjustments made and reports prepared to share with you so that know exactly what is performing.